azTRAX Spring 2012 Special

July 23rd, 2012

azTRAX 2012 Anime Spring Season SpecialAnother season is coming to an end and certainly it has been interesting. Several series were interesting to follow, and plenty more showed that music is still strong and varied.

So, let’s talk a little about some artists in this azTRAX’s Spring 2012 Special. May'n has become a constant featured artist by anime series. She debuted as an urban singer under stage name May Nakabayashi in 2005 and later in 2007 she changed her artistic name to May'n. This time, she performed the first OP theme for the Accel World anime.

The good old rock style continues with a fun theme by knotlamp, a JRock band formed in 2000. They haven’t been very active since 2009, when they release their last full album: Sing Against the Stream.

Next, we can listen to ChouCho, who initially formed the band Lotus Lotus in 2007 when she was still in high school and performed covers of songs from anime series. Now, ChouCho is well recognized and performs the OP theme song for the Hyouka anime.

Around the middle of this long track, you’ll be able to listen to an old favorite coming back for a new generation. Good old fashioned anime is able to last for decades, and that’s exactly what Saint Seiya has been doing for more than 25 years. Now, the traditional Pegasus Fantasy gets revamped with its Omega version. And it wouldn’t be as special as it is if the original MAKE.UP band, formed in 1983, wasn’t part of this series.

But that’s not everything this Season’s Special has to offer. You’ll be able to listen to artists such as Aki Toyosaki, who was named as a "Best New Actress" at the 4th Seiyuu Awards in 2010. And this season, she performs the Medaka-Box ending theme.

But if we talk about great seiyuu who can sing and perform, we have Nana Mizuki, who was the first winner of the Seiyuu Awards back in 2007, this time; Nana Mizuki performs the Blood-C The Last Dark film theme.

The season was really interesting, so, give it a try and listen to this azTRAX special.

Have a great Summer-Time!

  • Accel World - Chase the World [May'n]
  • Ginga e Kickoff - Across My World [knotlamp]
  • Hyouka - Yasashisa no Riyuu [ChouCho]
  • Medaka Box - Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette [Aki Toyosaki]
  • Natsuiro Kiseki - Non Stop Road [Sphere]
  • Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - Now or Never [Nano]
  • Saint Seiya Omega - Pegasus Gensou ver. Omega [MAKE.UP ft. Shouko Nakagawa]
  • Sankarea - Esoragoto [nano.RIPE]
  • Blood-C The Last Dark Main Theme - METRO BAROQUE [Nana Mizuki]
  • Eureka Seven AO - stand by me [Stereopony]
  • Jormungand - Borderland [Mami Kawada]
  • Sengoku Collection - UNLUCKY GIRL [Sweety]
  • Medaka Box - HAPPY CRAZY BOX [Minami Kuribayashi]
  • Tsuritama OP Single - Tsurezure Monochrome [Fuji Fabric]
  • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - CHOIR JAIL [Konomi Suzuki]
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